Anna Maria Island – Guidelines

Runaway Bay wants to make sure once its guests arrive on Anna Maria Island, their vacation is as pleasant as possible. By familiarizing oneself with some of the most commonly neglected regulations by visitors to the island – specifically Bradenton Beach – one’s stay would definitely start out on the right foot… even if it’s in flip-flops!

The Bradenton Beach Commission shares the following reminders for guests visiting Anna Maria Island, and Bradenton Beach:

Animals, alcohol, fires, glass bottles are not allowed on any city or county beach at any time. View more on the beach rules here.

Park only in designated parking areas. Parking is prohibited on all city streets and State rights-of-way. Each city has different, more expanded parking regulations. (They’re serious about parking on the island – fines can be very pricey!)

While enjoying the beaches, please leave any valuables at your vacation rental. If valuables have to be left in your vehicle, please hide them in a secure place before reaching your destination. Never leave valuables in plain view.

Except in Coquina Beach, there are no public restrooms.

No person over the age of six years shall use the restrooms at the public beaches that are designated for the opposite sex.

Curfew at all parks within the city is midnight.

It is unlawful to disturb any turtle nests on the beaches.

No person shall catch, molest, injure, capture or kill any wild birds or wildlife, except poisonous reptiles, rats or vermin, or except when engaged in fishing in compliance with the rules and regulations promulgated by appropriate state and federal wildlife agencies.

No person in a park/beach shall dig, remove or displace any beach sand, whether submerged or not, or any soil, rock, stone, tree, shrub or plant, down timber or other wood or material.

No person in park/beach shall damage, cut, carve transplant or remove any tree or plant or injure the bark, or pick flowers or seeds, of any tree or plant. Nor shall any person attach any rope or wire or any other contrivance to any tree or plant. A person should not dig in or otherwise disturb grass areas, or in any other way injure the natural beauty or usefulness of any area.

 No person in a park/beach shall climb any tree or walk, stand or sit upon monuments, vases, fountains. Railing, fences or upon any other property not designated or customarily used for such purposes.

No person in a park shall tie or hitch or another animal, including a dog, to a tree or plant.

No person shall ride a bicycle on any road between 20 minutes before or after sunrise and sunset without a headlight that is plainly visible at least 200 feet in front of or without a red tail light or red reflector plainly visible from at least 30 feet from the rear of such bicycle.

No person shall dress or undress on any beach or other public place, or in any vehicle. Toilet or other place, except in such bathing houses or structures or structures provided for that purpose.

No person in a park/beach shall take part in or abet the playing of such games involving thrown or otherwise propelled objects such as balls, stones, arrows, javelins or model airplanes except in areas set apart for such forms of recreation.

The playing of rough or comparatively dangerous games such as football, baseball and soccer is prohibited except on the fields and courts or areas provided for such activities. Skating of any type including in-line boards, or other, shall be confined to those areas specifically designated for such activity.

No person in a park/beach shall process or drink alcoholic beverages. Except during designated special events.

No person shall start, make or kindle any fire on any public beach or recreational area within the city limits, except in locations or places so designated and provided for such activities.

Rice-free weddings are not required but they are environmentally unsafe, as birds cannot digest rice. Consider alternatives, such as bubbles, birdseed or rosebuds. Confetti poses a danger to small sea creatures and has to be cleaned up.  

NB This is a list of highlighted regulations, if you want to get more specific (!) please reference the Bradenton Beach Police Department.