Island and Beach Guidelines

To make sure your visit is pleasant as possible, please familiarize yourself with some of the most commonly overlooked regulations, specifically regarding Bradenton Beach.  This is a sure way your stay will start out on the right foot…especially when that foot is in a flip-flop!

Anna Maria Island is extremely proud of its heritage and pristine beaches.  To play your part in respecting the Island’s wonderful natural resources and conforming to the Island’s best practices, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines, as governed by Florida State Law.

Bradenton Beach Commission Regulations in a Nutshell – Local Authorities Levy Stiff Fines

  • Possession/use of fireworks is prohibited
  • No fires
  • Do not walk on dunes or pick sea oats
  • Conch, turtles, sand dollars, starfish are protected animals 
  • Remove beach furniture or other items from the beach after dusk 
  • No glass bottles or alcoholic beverages on beach
  • No dogs on beach
  • Avoid bringing valuable items with you
  • Public restrooms only available at Coquina Beach
  • Curfew is midnight
  • No removal of sand, stone, rock, tree, plant, down timber
  • No damage or injury to tree, plant, grass nor attach any rope or wire to any tree or plant
  • No sitting on monuments, vases, fountains, railing or fences
  • Dress or undress only in designated bathing houses

Parking – Parking is Serious on the Island and Fines Can be Pricey

  • Park only in designated areas
  • Prohibited on city streets and State Right-of-Ways
  • Never leave valuables in plain view
  • Hide valuables in a secure place before reaching destination
  • Propelled objects, such as balls or model airplanes, only for use in designated areas
  • Football, baseball, and soccer can only be played in designated areas
  • List of City parking rules

Bicycle, In-line Skates, and In-line Boards

  • Headlights shining at least 200 feet and rear lights or reflectors visible at least 30 feet to be used between 20 minutes before sunset and after sunrise
  • Skating and boarding is confined to designated areas
  • List of City related rules