The Social Committee is a Standing Committee of Volunteers chartered by the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Committee is to provide recommendations, input, guidance, and support to the Board for its evaluation and consideration on topics and issues that relate to the social and community environment of Runaway Bay Condominiums. 

Social Committee efforts focus on sponsoring get-togethers such as monthly coffee/teas, weekly social hours, periodic pancake breakfasts, special sporting events or holiday parties; annual Owners gatherings, wine and cheese “meet the candidate” or sponsored group trips to local events.  The Social Committee also oversees and makes recommendations on the use of and the rules and regulations related to the use of the Clubhouse and participates in making recommendations for other gathering amenities.

The chartered Committee work will include:

  • Evaluate the condition of and improvements to the Clubhouse.
  • Recommend new Clubhouse equipment and supplies purchases.  Publish a calendar of Committee sponsored Social Events.
  • Make recommendations concerning Social issues for budget preparation.  Solicit and sign-up Volunteers to support Social events.
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The Social Committee will operate responsibly on and within an equipment and supplies budget set by the Board.  NOTE: Association funds cannot be spent on the events and the Social Committee activities, by law, must be self-supporting.  Participant donations may be collected and used to cover the costs of Social events.  The Social Committee must maintain a separate set of books, available for Board review, to fully account for funds collected and spent.

The Social Committee Committee will ensure all Volunteers sign the Volunteer Application and Liability Release and comply with the volunteer activity rules.

The Social Committee Chairperson will report to a designated Board member.

The Social Committee Chairman or representative will give an updated report on Committee activities and projects at Board meetings. 

The Social Committee may organize subgroups and volunteers to work on specific projects or events.