Unit Safety Manager (USM) Form

Runaway Bay (RAB) has a set of rules that are designed to protect our owners and our community property. One of our rules is to have a Unit Safety Manager or USM person available.

Who or what is your USM person you ask? This is the person you have contracted with who can be onsite at your unit within an hour in case of an emergency, or at the latest, 24 hours maximum based on circumstances.

If you are a new owner here at RAB, you may not be aware of the USM concept.  Whether you are going to rent your unit to vacationers or not, your USM person will be a local contact who can be called upon for various tasks, ranging from water leaks or broken appliances to changing a beeping battery in your smoke alarms. During inclement weather, they are called upon to prep your unit for the oncoming storm, among other tasks.

A USM can be a handyman, a person who specializes in this service, or just a friend who can be counted on.  In some situations, if you use a VRM company, they may offer this as part of their service; you will need to confirm with them if this is part of the service they provide. Whoever you contract with, it is required that you have such a person.  RAB is NOT responsible for this.

Goal:   All unit owners to complete the USM form and designate who their USM person is and their contact information.  This file will be kept at RAB Operations and supplied to C&S, our management company.

Deadline:   Since this is a time sensitive issue, we will be enforcing a fee for non-compliance. All USM information needs to be received back to RAB Operations by April 30th, 2024.

Fines:    Any units with missing USM information will be assessed a $100 fine.  If the owner disagrees with the fine, the Fining Committee will be involved. RAB will give the unit owner 14 days to discuss and be heard before imposing the fine.


Unit number which you are the registered owner. One Unit per submission please

Unit Safety Manager Information


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